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Member Record Family
  • Family-centric: every member belongs to a family
  • Family is a collection of related individuals living under one roof
  • Family surname that's common to all family members
  • Parents can choose to share one tithe number
  • Wedding anniversary date for parents
  • Ability to flag family record so that it does not appear in church directory or other reports
  • Optional surname (different from family's surname) if required
  • Individual's Tithe Number
  • Demographic details: gender, marital status, family order, occupation, etc
  • Special dates: birthday, baptism, joining and leaving (church)
  • Joining and leaving reason
  • Ethnic background information
  • Making member become independent (e.g. a child leaving home to go flatting) with just one mouse click
  • Merging members to make a new family (e.g. marriage) with only a couple of mouse clicks
  Member Type/Status Support 4 different member types:
  • Active - current active member
  • Associate - regularly involve in some part of church life but not full member
  • Away - temporary away from church, e.g. overseas
  • Past - member who has left the church
  Language Ability Record member's language ability
  Electronic Photographs and General notes
  • Stores family and individual's photograph.
  • stores general notes about the family and/or individuals.
Contact Record Address and Contact Number
  • Each member can have as many addresses as needed
  • A Directory Address is mandatory for each family
  • Each cantact record support phone, fax, pager and mobile phone numbers
  • Structured (street, suburb and city) or free-style address formats
  Web and Email
  • Stores multiple email addresses and web addresses (URLs)
  • Automatically launch email program or web browser when double-click on these addresses
  • Default (first) Email address can be included in directory and reports
Church Involvement Groups and Lists
  • Support 4 types of groups/lists - Small Groups, Mailing Lists, Gifts/Ministry and Skills/Hobbies
  • Each type can have large number of (approx 2 million) groups/lists
  • Easy group participation maintenance
  • Group membership is at individual level so that couple can be added to a group individually where appropriate
Contribution Tithe
  • Unique tithe number, never re-used
  • Tithe Numbers have check digit to minimise data entry error
  • The same tithe number can be used for tithes as well as pledge recording
  • Amount received are stored in a recording file, usually one recording file for each tax year
  • Old recording files can be archived, thus locking the data from being modified
  • Ability to browse (and edit active files) saved records as batches, specific tithe number or the whole file
  • Unlimited number of pledges (called Pledge Name) can be setup
  • Amount pledged can be recorded for each Pledge Name
  • A Plage Name can span multiple tax years, each with a separate recording file
  • Batch entry screen for fast bulk data entry
  • Common screen for recording tithes and pledge received
  • Comprehensive error checking
  • Warnings for (extremely) small or large amount; these checking limits can be adjusted
  • Colour-coded warnings and error during data entry gives immediate feedback
  Receipts, Statements and reports
  • Multiple receipts format to choose from
  • completely customisable letter template based on Rich Text Format (RTF) document
  • Receipts can have accompanying statement listing and pledge information (amount pledged, list of annual total received )
  • Reports of batch entry by date or bank statement number, with different levels of details: full list, summary by date or statement number, or statistical analysis
Reports Directory
  • Provides 4 preset styles: A5 booklet Standard, A5 booklet Compact, A4 Sheets Standard and A4 Sheets Extended, for easy directory creation - one mouse click!
  • Customise options provide complete flexibility in creating your own styles by varying margins, fonts and paper size
  • Optional content items let you choose what information to be included in your directory
  • Ability to export data for mail merging, printing mailing labels or create your own style of directory
  Special Event List
  • Birthday and wedding anniversary reports
  • Print list of members ordered by birthday or anniversary date
  • Only member records with birthday or anniversary data are printed
  • Print monthly list or a full year list
  • Format options let you specify margins, paper size and orientation, and fonts
  • Ability to export data for mail merging or create mailing labels
  Member List
  • Generic member list creation utility
  • Select member records by Member Types and/or groups participation
  • Select member records by geographical attributes
  • Select member records by demographic attributes
  • Groups listing can be printed separately or as a combined list
  • Where appropriate, husband and wife are printed as couple rather than individual members
  • Custom format options means you can choose the content and specify the layout of the listing
  • Ability to export data for mail merging or create mailing labels
  • Church population profile by age group report
Security Users
  • Only authorised users can access the information
  • System Administrator maintains records of authorised users
  • Every user has a logon password with an expiry date
  • User name and password are encrypted in the database
  • User activities log shows who logged on and off, and at what time
  Access Rights
  • Each user is assigned separate access rights to different areas of the system
  • The access right grants different levels of activity ranging from none to read-only to read-and-write.
  • Areas where user has no access are completely hidden
  System Self-check
  • The program performs a system integrity self-check everytime it is started to ensure that it has not been tampered with, either by unauthorised persons or virus programs.
  • It also verifies that all the data files are intact before starting.
  • Crucial system files are encrypted
  • If user did not logged off (e.g. power off the PC without properly log off), his/her logon is disabled until reset by administrator.
  • When performing database maintenance, all logon are disabled until the task is completed, to avoid data integrity violation

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