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To create receipts and/or statements, you need to specify more format settings, and select the letter template of your choice. The screen below shows the selection panel.

The term "receipt" here refers to a letter send to the member giving summarised information about the giving for the year. While the term "statements" refers to the listing of every recorded givings for the year. Its purpose is to give the members the ability to check the detail records if they wish to. Statement printing is optional and can be turned off easily. For receipt of pledges, you can optionally include extra pledge information in additioan to the letter and/or statement. The extra information includes amount pledged and list of annual total amount received.

The body of the letter is completely customisable. In fact, you provide the body of the letter by using any RTF (Rich Text Format) capable editor (eg the WordPad program that comes with Windows 95/98/NT 4.0). You can include special data fields in the letter and ChurchCare will replace these with actual data when creating the receipt. This is very much like doing mail-merge or form letter in modern word processor.

Note that you can print a selected number of reciepts and statements (instead of the giving file) by entering a series of Tithe Numbers, separated by comma in Tithe Number field of the selection panel.

You can see a few samples of the receipts and/or statement in the following pages. Click NEXT>> to continue.

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