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Virtual Tour -> Contributions->Administration Console

Under the Admin tab lives the contributions administration console. This screen actually provides 3 functions, namely:

  1. Giving records file maintenance,
  2. Recording amount warning limits maintenance, and
  3. Recording error and warning colours maintenance

These are organised on the screen as 3 separate panels, as seen below.

Giving records file maintenace lets the administrator manage the files against which giving records are entered. Generally speaking you will have one file per (tax) year for tithes, and oine file per (tax) year for each active pledge names.

Giving records file for tithes does not require it to be associated with a pledge name, for obvious reason. The Archive File function will mark a file as archived, and no longer its data to be modified. Files should be archived once receipts have been printed and no more corrections are expected. Perhaps six months after (tax) year end. Seldom do you want to delete file as this will premanently destroy the data.

The bottom part of the screen is for changing the system configuration parameters. "Amount Warning Limits" let you specify the amount at which you want the program to give warning colour during batch entry.

On the bottom right side, you can choose you preferred warning colours used by Batch Entry.

The Batch Entry is the NEXT>> stop in this tour.

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