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The Contributions module is accessible from the Main Menu using the Contributions button.

This module has 5 function areas that are organised into 5 main tabs on the Contributions screen. The five functions are closely related and they work together to provide

  1. batch entry for entering giving records,
  2. a browser to access and maintain existing giving records,
  3. pledge centre for creating and recording pledges,
  4. reporting control for printing receipts and/or statements, and
  5. administration console to manage giving records files and systems parameters for this modulle.

The screen shot below illustrates the screen header of the Contributions module. In similar fahsion as other modules of ChurchCare, you can easily switch between function areas by selecting the corresponding tab.

The first 4 functions are dependent upon the existence of giving record files. So the appropriate place to start for this module is the administration console, represented by the Admin tab. Click NEXT>> to proceed..

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