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The reporting control screen comes under the Receipts and Reports tab. This is a report setup panel where you can design the layout and content of the contributions receipts and statements, and batch entry reports.

Batch entry reports are usually for internal use. They are used for checking and verifying records within each batch entry. They can also be used to look at contribution totals at different time period since you can select records by date range.

Receipts and Statements are letters sent to member, normally at year end, to confirm the contributions received and recorded.

At the bottom of the screen is a general format set up area. Here you can select the paper size, specify the page margins and choose you preferred font. You must select a giving file before you can create the report.

After you have set all the options, click the Preview button to see the report on screen, before sending it to the printer. If you are not satisfy with the output, return to the setup screen and change the options until you get the desired output. This is more desirable than sending the output straight to the printer, which you can do by clicking on the Print button on the setup screen.

More details on creating batch entry reports and receipt and statement are in the following pages. Click NEXT>> to continue.

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