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In order to record givings toward a pledge, you need to create a pledge name so that you can refer to it. Creating pledge name is a very simple process involving the screen as shown below:

On the left is a list of existing pledge names. To create new pledge name, simply click on the Add button and a edit box will appear enabling you to add a new name. To modify existing pledge name, select the name from the list, then click the Modify button. Remember to click the Save button when editing is completed.

On the right is grid for recording amount pledged by member towards a pledge name. When a pledge has been set up, usually members will make their pledges (promised amount). These pledged amount can be recorded by ChurchCare using the Amount Pledged grid.

To record amount pledged, first select the appropriate pledge name from the list on the left, then click on the Edit button below the grid. This will "open" up the grid for data entry. Data entry here is similar to the batch entry, with the exception of the Frequency column. You only need to enter the first letter of the desired frequency and ChurchCare will automatically insert the full word for you. The list of valid frequencies is given by the popup help when you move the mouse pointer over the Frequency column header

Each member can pledge once for each pledge name. The amount pledged is accompany by a payment frequency. No check is actually make against these when amout is received and entered, but it can be included in the receipts or statements as information for the members.

Since a pledge can span across years, multiple giving record files can be associate with a single pledge name. Amount received however, are alway recorded against a giving record file, which is usually set up for a (tax) year so that annual receipts and statements can be produced.

To appreciate the usefulness of all these records, you need to see what comprehensive information can be put in the contributions' receipts and statements, which is the NEXT>> page to visit.

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