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This is like the main switch board from where you select the module you want to access. Depends on your access rights, you may not be able to gain access to all modules.

Description of the modules:

  1. Member - to access and maintain member and family information, including contact details and church involvement (small groups and lists, etc)
  2. Contributions - to access and record member's contributions, both tithes and pledges; and creating receipts and statements
  3. Reports - to produce a wide range of output with customisable layout and content, including ability to create church directory
  4. Setup
    • to set up system configurations like small groups, mailing lists, street and suburb names, occupations list, etc
    • maintaining user records
    • database maintenance utilities
  5. Password - to change your logon password
  6. Logout - to exit the system

In the NEXT>> page, we will take a quick look at the Change Password screen.

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