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Product Information

ChurchCare is a computer program that makes the job of managing a church easier. The design goal of ChurchCare is two folds: firstly, as its name implies, to help the pastors and leaders of the church to care for the church (the people, that is), and secondly, to help the church in managing its resources: both the people and the finance.

To provide effective pastoral care, the pastors/ministers must know who are people in the congregation and a means of contacting them. Having a database system that records this data is a valuable asset. For this data to be truely useful, you will need ready access to them, and be able to retrieve them in a meaningful way so that data is turned into information. ChurchCare is such a system.

ChurchCare is an integrated system that allows you to maintain and retrieve members' demographic and contact details easily. It lets you records members' involvement in church life using groups and lists that link member records together without duplicating data. This ensures that any changes made to a member record is reflected instantly over all the groups and lists.

ChurchCare is a "family-centric" system: every member record is contained within a family group. Parents and their children are "packaged" together as a family, while providing the flexibility of recording details for each individual within the family.

ChurchCare provides a flexible reporting function that enables you to produce a wide range of reports for various purposes. It also has a powerful directory function that can create church directory with different formats effortlessly.

To assist the church in being a good steward of finances entrusted to it by the memebrs, ChurchCare has a comprehensive contribution recording system that can keep records of tithes as well as pledges. Receipts and statements of member contribution are easily produced and fully customisable to suit your preference.

To ensure data security and integrity, ChurchCare implements multiple levels access control for each area of the system, and users need individual logon identity to access the system. User activities are individually logged and can be used for security audit and review.

This is just a summary of the major features of ChurchCare. For an extensive list of the product features, check out the Features List and Virtual Tour sections.

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