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Virtual Tour -> Member Record -> Quick List

The Member Information module will start with this screen:

This Quick List tab give a summary list of members. Not all members are automatically displayed. The checkboxes on the top right hand side control the scope of the listing. Only members of selected type(s) will appear. By default, only the "Active" and "Associate" checkboxes are ticked.

Within the list, the colour dot on the left matches the colour of the checkboxes, and it gives a quick indication of the member type.

Each row within the grid represents either:

Note that "young" children's name are not displayed here.

The tool bar on the top of the screen let you add new family or remove (seldom, if ever, required) family record. You can also refresh the Quick List after changing the Member Type checkboxes.

From the tool bar, you can also find member by tithe number. Simple click on the second button (a torch light) and it will bring up a input box where you can enter a tithe number to search for.

To go to the Details tab, you can double click on grid row, or click once, then select the Details Tab. As you might expect, the Details tab give full details of the member.

The details view is the NEXT>> page we will be visiting.

Click <<Prev to return to the previous page.