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You can access the Reports module from the Main Menu by selecting the Reports button.

The Reports module currently has 4 report functions available.

Each of these reports allows you to customise the layout and content of the ouput to suit your particular needs. By combining the different options, you can create a large variety of reports.

To create the reports, you will need to select the format and content through the Report Setup screen. There are 4 tabs on the Report Setup screen, one for each of the 4 report functions described above. These tabs are as shown in the screen heading below:

At the bottom part of the screen is a format set up area. This allows you to specify the general format of the output. This is a common area irrespective of which tab you choose. The screen shot below shows the format set up area.

Page Option Description
Page Number Determines if a page number is to be printed at the bottom of every page.
Separator every ? records If set to any number greater than zero, a blank line is printed after the specified number of member records (not number of actual lines).

Paper size and page orientation can be changed to desired setting for Birthday List and Listing type reports.

Margins and Font setting can also be customised as needed.

After you have set all the options, click the Preview button to see the report on screen, before sending it to the printer. If you are not satisfy with the output, return to the setup screen and change the options until you get the desired output. This is more desirable than sending the output straight to the printer, which you can do by clicking on the Print button on the setup screen.

The Export button creates a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file from the report data. This is a common file format supported by many word processors, spreadsheet programs and other applications. It is ideal for doing mail merge (form letters), creating mailing labels and even name tags.

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