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The directory function help you to create church directory automatically and effortlessly. It provides a variety of formats to cater for different requirements.

The Directory Setup screen let you design the particluar "flavour" of directory format for your church. There are some common features for all directory formats:

Below is a explaination of the customisable features:


There are 3 styles to choose from, two of which are based on A5 paper size and the third one is based on A4 paper size. You can click on the style name to see a sample report of that style in the table below.

Style Description
A5 Booklet Standard This format makes use of the default A5 size. Suitable for directory with addresses.
A5 Booklet Compact Same height as A5 but the width is about 2/3 of standard size (approx. 53 mm).
Suitable for directory with phone number only.
A4 Sheets Standard Uses standard A4 size. Suitable for directory of all types.
A4 Sheets Extended Uses standard A4 size. Print each member of the family on separate line.

*Note that the descriptions above refer to default dimensions (set by clicking on the tools button). You are free to adjust the dimensions for your particular need.


The content section is a series of options that you can turn on or off. Options that are turned off will not appear in the directory.

Option Description
Children's Names Controls if children's names (if any) are to be printed. Note that if this option is on, adult children's name will not be printed separately. Normally, adult children's names are printed separately from their parent.
Include Address Controls if the directory includes the address line.
Use Full Address Normally printed address include details up to Suburb name. This is usually sufficient for reports. To use the address for posting (e.g. creating mail address), the complete address would be required. In such cases, select this checkbox to produce full address line.
Include Email Controls if the directory includes the email address line (if any).
Include Hidden Records Determines if member records marked as "hidden from directory" (see Member details) are to be printed in the directory.

As you can see, the directory output is fully customisable.

Birthday Listing is a specialised report, it creates a listing of members ordered by their birthdays. Go to the NEXT>> page to find out more.

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