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Virtual Tour

This tour comprises of a series of screen shots taken directly from the software. It gives you a limit experience of using ChurchCare, and provides a visual feel for some of the features mentioned in the Features List section.

You can take the tour by following the sequence presented or you may choose to look at the areas of interest in order of your preference.

To take the tour as presented, simply follow the Next>> link at the bottom of the page to go to the next page, or the <<Prev link to go back to the previous page.

To go directly to area of interest, use the links below to navigate. You can return to this page quickly by following the navigation bar at the top of each page - click on the word TOUR.

Access Shows the login and logout, change password and main access screens.
Member Record Quick List, Member Details, Address etc
Contributions Admin, Recording of Tithes and Pledges, Reports and Receipts and Statement
System Configurations Lists Setup, User Maintenance, Database Utilities
Reports Directory, Special Event Listing, Members Listing, Profile Report